Sunday, 18 April 2010

One door closes, and suddenly you remember your key is on the other side......

Well, Berlin has been delayed, most probably Cancelled. Its a shame, but oh well, life goes on.

So, instead of experiencing the culutural highlights of Berlin, I will be putting even more time into my campaign.

I hope you all enjoyed SIMMStock; I certainly did. Cannot belief how successful it was, and how many tickets we sold. Being involved with it since day one, it is amazing to see how far it has come. My congratualations to Ben Soloman, David Hayes, Team Irish and everyone else who helped. It was an amazing experience, and I am looking forward to keeping SIMMStock as a St Mary's Tradition!

This kind of event is something I want to see happening more and more. I know that there is alot of behind the scenes work to get things like this off the ground, but events like this really bring everyone together in the spirit of being a SIMMIE. It certainly makes me proud to be a St Mary's Student, especially when everone comes out in support of their University.

One of my main campaign aims is to improve the quality of the SU social events, both on a Wednesday and at other times. The SU DJ booth is a facility that, in my eyes, is not used throughly enough.

If elected, I would push for a variety of events at the SU; having regular DJ's in on a Wednesday night, different cultural events and more live music. We have a great community atmosphere here at Sy Mary's; I wish to improve and build on that to challenge other Universities.

Oh, and one final point before I go, some of you may have seen my walking around SIMMStock with a Butterfly face-paint; yes, I am that eccentric, and would do even more mad stuff when elected. :)

Have a wonderful day people.


George Harris
Vice-President Nominee

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  1. George yesterday was amazing you and the team su should be proud of yourselves you have sucessfully started a new tradition that will last at St. Mary's

    Well done and i loved the butterfly and sorry that you may not get to go to berlin!!

    Siobhan x